Village of Lincolnwood Stormwater Management

Village of Lincolnwood 6900 N. Lincoln Avenue Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712

Manuel Castaneda (847) 675-0888

November 2007 – Current

The Village of Lincolnwood Stormwater Management Project is an ongoing study to determine the capacity of the Lincolnwood’s combined sewer system and evaluate alternatives to provide capacity for the 10-year recurrence interval storm. The first phase is being completed and the second stage will be underway shortly. Water Resources Modeling role is the Village’s Stormwater Engineer supplying guidance and review of the entire project. Phase 1 was the development of a 1D xpswmm model to determine the existing capacity of the sewer system. It was determined that about 75 percent of the sewer system cannot convey the 10-year storm. Phase 2 will include expanding the current model to a 1D/2D xpswmm model. Phase 3 will be the design and construction of required improvements.